Welcome to Room 2's Blog 2015
We are a Year 7 and 8 all-girls class at Huia Range School. We have many exciting things happening this year in the girls class

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Breanna's Egyptians

Last term our class did some paper construction art. We drew Egyptian pictures, coloured them in, cut them out and pasted them onto a piece of black paper and they are now hanging from our ceilings for people to admire.

Renee's Sphinx

Thursday, 26 February 2015

This week we have upgraded our gardens . We have layered our gardens with horse manure, watered them, Weeded them and are covering them with carpet so weeds will not grow too much over the weekends.

Our team of 6 gardeners and Dianne have been very busy and plan to make this garden a  success.
Welcome to the room 2 blog for 2015
We have many exciting plans for this year in the girls class.

Today a few year 7's have been discussing the future of the 5 gardens at our school, They will be improving and keeping track of them. 

This is the before picture and hopefully we will dig out the weeds and begin our gardening journey soon...